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Thanks to my friends in Germany!  I had a great time in Bavaria and could not be more pleased introducing my music at the shows we played at Pat Murphy’s Pub in Isny im Allgau and Cafe Ibiza in Raisting.  Trent, Patricia and I were thrilled by the reception we received at our shows!

Both of my CD’s are available for purchase on iTunes, etc. and my hope is that my songs, which are part of the Americana genre which combines blues, folk, rock and other American roots sounds I grew up listening to, will attract a larger following in Germany! 

Again it was a pleasure meeting many wonderful people in Germany and I hope to return and play more shows in the coming years!

We plan on playing some shows on the West Coast (Hollywood and San Francisco) in the next couple months, and I will keep you posted on this site regarding future shows! 

Richard Busch

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A Simple Manicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Simple Man
  2. Explode!
  3. Run Away
  4. I’m Not That Kind
  5. Your World Not Mine
  6. Face Down
  7. Better Left Unsaid
  8. Nervermind
  9. Testify
  10. Do With Your Life
  11. 02 – A Simple Man
Walking Down The Roadicon-downloadicon-download
  1. Father Time
  2. Everything Is Going To Be Alright
  3. The Great Escape
  4. I Don’t Want To Be Like You
  5. High Time Going Home
  6. Aye De me
  7. You Came To Me Like A Flower
  8. A Man That’s True
  9. You Are The Same As Me
  10. All Alone In This World
  11. As I’m Walking Down The Road

We all start out with individual dreams and aspirations and imagination…and a uniqueness and individuality that makes us each special. As kids we are not afraid to be different, to act funny and do silly things.

Then early on and constantly thereafter we are warped by school, the media, by religion and government to conform, to be like everyone else, to be accepted…and yet we are also pressed to be “better” than our neighbor…to have a nicer car, or a better looking wife, or a higher paying job.

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A Man That’s True
  1. A Man That’s True
  2. All Alone In This World
  3. Everything Is Going To Be Alright
  4. Father Time
  5. Aye De me
  6. As I’m Walking Down The Road
  7. You Came To Me Like A Flower
  8. I Don’t Want To Be Like You
  9. You Are The Same As Me
  10. High Time Going Home
  11. The Great Escape